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Chicago – It’s a Wrap!

We would like to take a moment to send a massive CONGRATULATIONS  to all those who took part in making Chicago an incredible experience to finish off the school year. An amazing effort by all including outstanding leadership from Ms. Georgia Crinis. Also, a job well done by Dr. Kelly Thomas, Scott Harbin, An Hoang Khanh Linh, Tien Nhat Lam, Ms. Lien, David Kenneth Baker, Mr. Grana, Ms. Danielle Barrio as well as our always talented Ngoc Phung.

In addition, to the stars of the show, our incredible group of students who not only inspired those in attendance but also future generations of UNIS Hanoi artists and performers. Each and every one of you played a pivotal role and UNIS Hanoi is proud of you. It was beautiful to see such a collective group of talent come together the way you did and put forth a performance for the ages.

A huge shout out to the cast and crew: Ellie, Se In, Ashe, Thomas H, Tina Luu, Manuel O, Viet D, Bhuti, Didi, Lia S, Noma, Stella C, Maxine, Jade P, Tam N, Alice P, Angel, David A, Giulia L, Juhwan and Kaatje in addition to the following: Jack S, Hai Yen, Jessica N, Ngoc Q, Huyen B, Niamh B, Kiana A, Asmi, Ophelia, Shatakshi, Mr. Hanh N, Susannah S, Theo, Payton L, Benjamin Price Thomas, Khanh N, Parami, Phong Le, Sooa Lee, Yuriko A, Juri M, Mr. Pham the Hoanh, Linh (Ha) N, Won Hee Jung, Mr. Hoang Hai Bang, Mr. Ha Dinh Huy.

Also, a huge thank you to the faculty, staff, students, community members who supported the event in every possible way. I know everyone is still buzzing after the shows.

Well done to an amazing group effort.