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“Catrina en Hanói”: A Cultural Learning Experience

El Día de los Muertos is a traditional Mexican holiday honouring loved ones who have passed away. This event was a unique opportunity to promote cultural understanding and appreciation for Mexican traditions in a diverse educational setting.

Our Spanish learners from the MYP and DP programmes engaged in a synchronous learning experience to practice the language through a creative art project. Mr Graña and Mr Carmenate facilitated the sessions and created a display called Catrina en Hanói where every student had the opportunity to decorate their own Catrina. The mural will be displayed during this month on the 3rd floor of B8b.

The Catrina, an iconic figure in Día de los Muertos, represents the elegance of death. Students delved into their creativity as they decorated the masks with vibrant details and personal symbolism. It is appropriate to mention that The Day of the Dead is a pre-columbine, pre-Christian, celebration that encourages our ancestors to visit us during the first two days of November.

The experience not only strengthened cultural understanding but also fostered an appreciation for diversity and the importance of preserving cultural traditions. Celebrating Dia de los Muertos and creating Catrina masks was a beautiful reminder of the richness of Mexican culture and how multicultural education can enrich our lives and promote harmony among different communities.