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Big Idea Results Announced!

At UNIS Hanoi, we believe in the power of collective vision and collaboration. Together, we’re shaping the future through innovative Big Ideas, fueled by the generosity of our community. After thoughtful deliberation, our UNIS Impact committee—composed of students across all levels, dedicated educators, and engaged parents—has chosen a Big Idea that will be at the heart of our community’s annual giving this year.

Multilingual Community Engagement
Multilingual Community Engagement is a forward-looking initiative aimed at easing language barriers within our UNIS Hanoi community. It aspires to create a more inclusive environment where language differences don’t hold back understanding and connection. Through a thoughtful range of solutions, this project seeks to improve access for all community members—regardless of their first language—to participate in school events and communication channels.

These funds will serve as significant steps toward achieving greater inclusivity, acknowledging that this is an ongoing journey. While we may not completely eradicate language barriers in a single year, every gift in support of this work takes us closer to a more connected and cohesive UNIS community.

One Student’s Big Idea
This visionary concept was sparked by Dat Nguyen, a Grade 11 student whose inspiration arose from the personal experiences of his family. Driven by a sincere desire for inclusivity and a sense of belonging, his proposal seeks to cultivate an environment where everyone feels heard and valued, transcending linguistic differences. Through a thoughtful exploration of existing and emerging solutions, we will invite the community to help Dat’s vision take shape, with the ultimate goal of enhancing community-wide communication.

Community Impact
The project’s success hinges on a diverse range of solutions, including both hardware and software components. These encompass translation headsets, human and AI-driven simultaneous interpreting, and AI-driven text translation tools. By embracing emerging technologies and aligning them with community and belonging, UNIS Hanoi aims to create transformative impact. This work will serve as a starting point for a long-term systematic approach to language inclusivity. The use of emerging technologies will also propel and work hand-in-hand with developments in curriculum.

Unite in Giving
As we approach Giving Tuesday, November 28, a global moment of generosity and unity, we’re ushering in a new chapter of community engagement at UNIS Hanoi. This is a collective movement towards a more connected and inclusive community. Your support forms the cornerstone of these transformative endeavours. We invite each and every one of you to stand alongside us as integral partners in this journey. Together, we have the power to make a lasting impact in nurturing a more profound sense of belonging for all members of our UNIS Hanoi family.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted a Big Ideas proposal and all of our Impact Fund Committee members. Your passion for making a difference in our school community is inspiring.