A Roblox Game Developed by UNISTEM Receives Global Recognition

A roblox game created by UNISTEM has received global recognition! Called Infection Simulator, the game has won Roblox’s ‘Virtual Crown of O’s’ award only one month after its launch.

Working alongside the Impact Fund Committee, Infection Simulator was released in April 2021. Since then, the game has accumulated well over 3,000 player visits. This accolade was announced earlier this week and was awarded to Dylan Kim, founder of UNISTEM and Lead Developer of Infection Simulator. With this experience, the UNISTEM Game Development Team aims to produce more projects towards educating young audiences, while providing them a source of entertainment.

Additionally, as UNISTEM houses 50+ members respectively for various STEM fields, the Leadership Team aims to explore passion projects in other fields through robotics or medical exploration. Collectively, the next step for UNISTEM is to create an international codeathon that promotes the sustainable development goals and inspire participants to pitch products that would promote these values to larger audiences. This ambitious project, led by Dylan Kim, Woohyung (Eddie) Lee, Yumin Choi, Huy Nguyen, and Benjamin Knaggs, aims to deliver an exciting yet competitive Sustainable Developathon to further explore our values of education through entertainment. Make sure to keep an eye out for more projects from UNISTEM! If you have any further inquiries, make sure to contact UNISTEM through Instagram at @unis.stem, on Twitter at @unisstem, or via email at unisgdc@unishanoi.org