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UNIS Hanoi Teachers Attend the First Conference of Spanish as a World Language in the Capital City

Carlos Carmenate and Alvaro Graña, two UNIS Hanoi Spanish teachers, were invited to attend the first Conference of Spanish as a World Language, CELEV, held in Hanoi on April 12-13. This two-day event was organised by the Instituto Cervantes (https://cervantes.org/) and the Spanish Embassy with the collaboration of the Mexican and Cuban Embassies. 

Carlos and Alvaro led a session on what it is like to teach Spanish in International Schools. They explained the Middle Years Programme, the rigor of the Diploma Programme and the importance of the Approaches to Learning and inquiry-based learning. Our teachers also discussed the role that DEIJ and Service Learning have in shaping the education of young people, and the need to be inclusive in our classrooms using Universal Design for Learning. Their Q&A session showed a great interest in the IB as a rigorous education framework and UNIS Hanoi as a school with an excellent reputation.

Hosted at Hanoi University, CELEV attracted around 250 Spanish teachers from South East Asia institutions and universities in Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Spain, and Vietnam. This successful conference created a phenomenal professional space for Spanish educators to discuss, exchange and learn from each other.