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SDG Design in Grade 4 Art Class

Grade 4 inquired into the principles of design in the SDG icons during SDG Week. They then created new logo designs of their own to match an SDG. Enjoy the SDG5 focus designs below:


Equality and Gender Gap in French Class

MYP Intermediate High School French students have been exploring Equality around the world. First, they looked at the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and chose their favorite articles. 

After they explored the Global Gender Gap Index. They chose to dig deeper into women that represent some aspects that drive the changes in this Index. Each student chose a “Power Woman” from the countries where they were born or were native. They traced their biography and history and created bilingual posters to celebrate them and some of their achievements. 


G5 Students Experience Climate Change, Children's Rights and Equality Protest!

How are decisions made? What decisions do you get to make? How are decisions made in your classroom?

These were some of the questions that Grade 5 students grappled with this week as they commenced their new How We Organise Ourselves Unit of Inquiry into Governance. This was followed by a fully immersive, week-long provocation, where students experienced four governmental systems; Monarchy, Anarchy, Dictatorship and Democracy, with opportunities to reflect on their experiences. On the last day of the week, with their freshly found voice and power as citizens of a Democracy state, students set about re-establishing classroom practices, this time relying on the democratic process of voting to ensure a true representation of the people.

Recognising that their combined voices could also be used to wield power, students set about identifying issues they felt passionately about before designing colourful placards and taking to the corridors of UNIS Hanoi to let their voices ring loud across campus.

Members of the UNIS community gathered to watch this spontaneous protest on issues ranging from Climate Change, to Children’s Rights and Equality with some even joining the chorus. 

Watch the video here.

UNIS Hanoi students take SDG action

Students Request Whole School Takes Action for Pink Day!

The PYPx organised by Grade 5 in April 2020 put a firm spotlight on student agency. 

The Gender Equality/LGBTQ+ PYPx group petitioned our Head of School, asking if the whole school could get involved and take a stand for equal opportunities by wearing pink on Wednesday April 22.

Pink is considered a feminine color but by encouraging people to wear pink, the group wanted it to be a color anyone can wear. Pink is also in the LGBTQ flag symbolising sexuality so with this was to support the LGBTQ+ community. 


“Everyone can be a feminist!”

A service learning group that seeks to address gender inequality faced by girls across the globe, was launched in 2016-2017 school year. And it was all thanks to the efforts of four UNIS Hanoi students. 

Feminist photographers, Parnika Mathur, Molly McDonald, Isabella or Issy Todini and Isa Smedberg, began a new ‘movement’ the year before after they became inspired by a two-week extra-curricular programme they attended, called the Passion Project. The Passion Project is a girl-empowerment initiative that began in Canada and was introduced to UNIS Hanoi students by Middle School teachers, Donna Bracewell and Medeha Zahid. 

Motivated into action, these four girls made it their mission to create awareness of girls’ rights. 

Forming a group that combined their love of feminism and photography, Parnika, Molly, Issy and Isa started The Feminist Photography Foundation.

In May 2016, the group successfully hosted a photography exhibition and a screening of the documentary Girl Rising in the School’s Theatre. And as the film’s ‘education for all’ message resonated with the aims of the UNIS Hanoi Scholarship Fund, the School Leadership Team and the School Community Organisation (SCO) backed the girls’ efforts. 

As a result, more than 250 members of the UNIS Hanoi community turned up in support, raising over $1,000, which was equally shared between the new Feminist Photography service group  and The Scholarship Fund. Speaking at the event were UNIS Hanoi Board member, Jean Munro and UN Resident Coordinator, Dr Pratibha Mehta. In closing, Dr Mehta commended the girls for their phenomenal show of leadership and passion to champion gender equality. 

“Everyone can be a feminist” Parnika proclaimed. “Gender inequality affects everyone, not just women.”