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Elementary Students Creates SDG in Art Class

UNIS Hanoi 4th and 5th graders went into design mode in their art classes during SDG Week.

Grade 4 inquired into the principles of design in the SDG icons. They then created new logo designs of their own to match an SDG. 

Grade 5 designed SDG superhero characters to take action for the SDGs. Grade 5 have also been working as art curators to understand and organise the ES Cultural Collection. Inspired by our Vietnamese cultural collection, this project takes our student learning global. The ES Cultural Collection is a collection of cultural artefacts shared by our community to celebrate our diversity and learn about each other’s cultures.


Grade 1 Sharing their Love for the Planet during SDG Week

Students in Elementary School have had a meaningful week learning about the 17 SDGs through their many lessons and activities.

In Grade 1, students celebrated SDG week in style with lots of fun activities. Students have shared their love for the planet through writing, building, drawing, math, read alouds and conversations. They may be small but it hasn't stopped them from being able to discuss some big topics! 

Students and teachers in World Language classes have been equally busy exploring SDGs. The students showed their enthusiasm when they learned how to say these SDGs in Vietnamese, Mandarin and French. They have been engaged in different fun tasks via Zoom lessons to practise the target languages while sharing their action plan to make our world a better place.


Learning Together

When you have access to committed and passionate educators, collective experience, resources, knowledge and skills, when your work in grounded in values of Learning, Community and Responsibility, when you belong to one of two UN schools in the world and when you live in a growing and thriving city like Hanoi, then sharing and learning with colleagues from around the city is the most obvious thing to do. Learning Together, 2019, a conference where Teachers Teach Teachers, was envisioned as a professional learning opportunity for local educators from around Hanoi to come and learn together with colleagues from UNIS Hanoi. This was our maiden attempt at launching a conference for teachers, by teachers. 

There were 16 sessions offered through the course of the day with 27 presenters from across  the Elementary school. Delegates had the opportunity to self direct their professional learning by choosing the sessions they wanted to attend. The keynote address was presented by Le thanh Forsberg, member of the UNIS Hanoi Board. She opened the conference by talking to visiting teachers about the all important partnership and connection between teachers and how excited UNIS Hanoi is to create a space for teachers to learn together. 

The day ended with teachers, both presenters and delegates, leaving inspired and excited at the possibilities ahead. We look forward to including a Middle and High School strand in future iterations of this conference.

A big thank you to our Advancement department, Ms Ngoc who coordinates our ECERP (Early Childhood Education Renovation) programme and to all the Elementary School teachers and teaching assistants who stepped up to present. Our collective belief in who we are as a community and living our core values every day is what makes UNIS Hanoi, #uniquelyunis, everyday.


Community out in Force on Saturday of Service

The UNIS Hanoi community was out in force last Saturday (Global UN Day), participating in a range of Saturday of Service activities. Over 130 people joined our huge clean up effort in partnership with Keep Hanoi Clean and many others turned up to hear from our students about the work they do for others.