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Grade 7 Students Create Apps to Fight Poverty

In the first unit of Grade 7, Where’s the App?, students learn how to code a mobile phone application using javascript. This year we focused on the Grade 7 Community Service Learning Goal of raising awareness and inspiring action about SDG #1: No Poverty.

Students chose a target within SDG #1 by exploring the GlobalGoals.org website. After learning about empathy maps, they selected one of 5 target audiences; personal choice, parents, HS, MS, or ES students. The goal was to research persuasive information, develop age-appropriate aesthetics, and include an activity that would help drive their user to action.

Grade 7 Students Create Apps to Fight Poverty


Grade 7 Students Create Apps to Fight Poverty_2


Grade 7 Students Create Apps to Fight Poverty_3


Grade 7 Students Create Apps to Fight Poverty_4


The apps that meet the design specifications most effectively will be featured on the Blue Dragon website.


Emergency Flood Relief with Legacy

Community donation

A big THANK YOU to UNIS Hanoi students and families who have supported the flood victims in Central Vietnam in October 2020. Within 48 hours, we have received 109,450,000VND and in-kind gifts. Please join the LEGACY service group to support this incredible campaign…

LEGACY Service Learning group is a student-initiated organization started by two of our seniors: Duc Anh Nguyen and Kiet Nguyen. LEGACY’s mission is to help relieve the families affected by Agent Orange during the war between the United States and Vietnam (1955-1975), through means of raising awareness in the Hanoi community as well as other cities. The group fundraises to make the lives of these victims more bearable: building homes, providing medical treatments, job opportunities, etc.

In the 2019-2020 school year, due to COVID-19, Legacy was only able to fundraise through hosting bake sales and participating in the annual Winter Fest, amounting to a total of $1,500. During the lockdown, they launched a fundraising campaign to donate masks and direct cash donations to two hospitals Quang Tri, and three in Nghe An. These hospitals were specifically chosen as a large number of their patients are Agent Orange victims, and they were unequipped to battle the coronavirus. In the end, Legacy was able to raise $15,000, out of which $5,000 were cash donations and the remaining $10,000 were used to buy surgical masks.

In the 2020-2021 school year, the group hoped to continue the fundraising process – possibly by hosting large-scale fundraising events such as music festivals or art exhibitions. Unfortunately, they are yet again faced with another crisis which needs immediate attention.

Due to recent flooding in Central Vietnam, many people have lost their homes, leaving them stranded without any bare necessities such as food or clothing. Some have even lost their lives, with numbers on the rise as police officers continue to patrol the area.

Agent Orange victims are among those heavily impacted by the flooding, as the communities are largely based in areas such as Quảng Trị and Quảng Bình. For this campaign, Legacy’s mission is to fundraise to buy necessities such as food, clothing, medicine, and hygiene products. They will also be making direct cash donations to help Agent Orange victims affected by the flooding.

Join them to support this great cause! You can either donate food and clothes or donate cash or online banking.

All physical items should be delivered to the Service Learning Office at B5-G18. 

For cash donations:

  1. Find an envelope and insert your desired donation amount into it.
  2. Seal the envelope securely.
  3. Write your full name, grade level, and the amount of money that you would like to donate on the envelope. We will recognize the contributions of the family as a whole so it does not matter whose name is on the envelope.
  4. Drop off your donations to the division offices (ECC, ES, MSHS Offices).

(Note: as parents are not allowed on campus, it would be best if your child drops off your donations at school.)

For Online Banking:

If you would like to make a significant donation we advise direct bank transfer (VND only) and please note LEGACY DONATION in the transfer details with your name:

Bank name: Techcombank
Bank branch: Ha Thanh
Bank address: 74 Ba Trieu, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Swift code: VTCB VNVX
Bank code: 01310001
Account name: UNIS HANOI
VND Account number: 19122049108051


The group will be receiving cash donations and physical items until 16.30 on Thursday, October 29.

For any online donations, the due date is Saturday, October 31.


Donated Food Presented to Huong La Centre

Huong La UNIS Hanoi Service Learning Group

Thank you to everyone who donated much needed non-perishable goods to the Huong La Centre. The Huong La Service Learning group was able to raise over 50kg of rice, beans, and other non-perishable food items.

On Sunday October 25, the student leaders of Huong La Service Learning group and their supervisors were able to visit the children at the Centre. The children were more than delighted to see us, since it has been over 10 months since our last visit.

Following the huge success of the food drive, plans are now underway to launch a brand new project – renovation of a classroom!

At the Centre, we found there were two classrooms that needed renovations and we, as a service group, have decided to assist the Centre in renovating those classrooms. The work includes repainting the walls, filling in windows and replacing furniture.

By the Huong La Service Learning Leaders.