2020-21 Annual Report Message from the Board Chair

In my capacity as Board Chair, I had the privilege of regularly speaking with students, parents, faculty and staff about our School. I often asked what made UNIS Hanoi so unique? The answers would vary between our excellent global reputation, our diversity, and our faculty. I was delighted to take this enquiry further when we decided to conduct a review of our vision and mission statements as well as our strategic plan. In May 2021, following a comprehensive, two-year whole school consultative process, the Board reaffirmed the School’s vision and unveiled the new strategic directions, new mission and set of values.

Strategy 2024

Strategy 2024 is a new approach to strategic planning designed to ensure UNIS Hanoi can combine both agility in an uncertain world, and focus to deliver the highest quality service to its learning community. It comprises three Strategic Directions which have been designed to guide the School’s annual action planning, ensure we stay Vision and Mission focused, and allow for annual adjustments as our world changes. 

At the heart of Strategy 2024 is our commitment to exceptional learning, and its implementation is underpinned by our values, to ensure a learning experience at UNIS Hanoi which is authentic, inclusive and connected. 

I hope as you read through the Annual Report for 2020-2021, you’ll agree with us that our Faculty and Leadership Team demonstrated their deep commitment to our students and their families. 

As a Board, we are also responsible for the financial health of the School. Working closely with the School Leadership Team, we have managed to weather the impact of COVID-19. We’re grateful to families and faculty members for their continued trust in us during this time. 

In August 2021, I took the decision to step down as Board Chair and was delighted to pass the baton to fellow Board member Michelle Dinh Jones. Michelle has been part of the UNIS Hanoi community for the last seven years - both as a parent of UNIS Hanoi students and as a volunteer on Board committees. Under her leadership and knowing the phenomenal Board members and leadership team as I do, I have full confidence UNIS Hanoi will continue to flourish.

Best regards, 

Dr. Amie Pollack