About UNIS Hanoi

UNIS Hanoi is a not-for-profit coeducational English-language day school enrolling students from Early Years (3-year-olds) through to Grade 12. The School follows the ideals and principles of the United Nations in action every day. UNIS Hanoi is authorised by the Ministry of Education in Vietnam, accredited by the Council of International Schools, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the International Baccalaureate Organisation. It is administered by the Head of School, Jane McGee and governed by a ten-member Board of Directors.  

Strategy 2024: Learning for Impact!

Strategy 2024 is a new approach to strategic planning designed to ensure UNIS Hanoi can combine both agility in an uncertain world and focus to deliver the highest quality service to its learning community. It is comprised of three Strategic Directions (see below) and is the result of a two-year process, guided by external consultants, designed by our own education experts and powered by our community’s voice.

At its genesis was a review of the School's guiding statements which resulted in a new Mission, an extension to our Values and a reaffirmation of our Vision. 

UNIS Hanoi is ever-evolving, but one thing that remains at the heart of all we do is our passion to nurture and equip students to be agents of change for a better world.



Our learning community will be an inspirational role model for a better world.


UNIS Hanoi’s New Mission

Guided by UN values, we inspire all learners to strive for academic and personal excellence and empower students to create positive, sustainable impact.

Our Values

Our Strategic Directions

Strategy 2024 is comprised of three new Strategic Directions. These directions will guide the School’s annual action planning, ensure we stay Vision and Mission focused, and allow for annual adjustments as we learn and our world changes. 

At the heart of Strategy 2024 is our commitment to exceptional learning, and its implementation is underpinned by our Values, to ensure a learning experience at UNIS Hanoi which is authentic, inclusive and connected. 


What it means to be a UN School

UNIS Hanoi has a multifaceted identity and at its centre is its relationship with the United Nations. We are not an agency of the United Nations, but we are one of only two UN international schools in the world, educating agents for change. We define our identity with the United Nations as follows:

The United Nations International School of Hanoi is committed to inspiring and equipping young people to build a better world. We bring the world together on one campus and guided by the Principles of the United Nations mentor peace makers and problem solvers. Our young global citizens are curious, compassionate and confident to take action against issues confronting humanity; bold in the face of complexity and resilient in an uncertain world. We are a learning community that cares enough to create a better tomorrow. Starting today. Together.

Watch our Sustainable Development Goals Week and UN Day 2020 Celebration

Watch UNIS Hanoi UNcomplicated series in which our students sat down with Viet Nam's leading experts to find out how their organisations are assisting Viet Nam achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


Our Historic Timeline


The United Nations International School of Hanoi first opened its doors in 1988 at the Hanoi-Amsterdam campus with an enrollment of 4 students.


"We had four rooms in a recently built Vietnamese high school where we had to completely renovate the bathrooms. We had a generator, which I had to learn how to use."

Dr. Alice Ann Winner
Head of School 1988-90


"The School had a real family feel to it, and served as a kind of focal point for the lives of many families."

Mr. Graham Cherry
Head of School 1990-94

In 1992, the Swedish School in Hanoi merged with UNIS Hanoi at the Hanoi-Amsterdam Campus.


"The ultimate solution was for UNIS to obtain land on which to build its own campus and that became our strategic goal."

Mr. Jim Ambrose
Head of School 1994-97


2C Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound is converted to the Elementary School campus. Whole school enrollment is over 310.


"UNIS itself is taking a very important step at this time with the construction of a new and greatly expanded international campus. UNIS staff and students will move to the new site in Spring 2004 thus taking a major step forward in the history of the school."

Dr. Frances Rhodes
Head of School 1997-02


Middle School is established to include Grades 6 to 8 making UNIS Hanoi a three-division school - Lower, Middle and Upper with enrollment of nearly 400.


The construction of the Early Childhood Centre adjacent to the Van Phuc Campus sees the creation of a new division at UNIS Hanoi.


UNIS Hanoi’s first graduate class - Class of 1999.


UNIS Hanoi moves all students to Van Phuc campus.


"Warm regards to everyone and my best wishes for UNIS’ continued success."

Mr. John D. Osbo
Head of School 2002-03


Construction of the new UNIS Hanoi campus begins on the 9.2 hectare land site in Phu Thuong, Tay Ho, granted by the Prime Minister.


"UNIS Hanoi was a wonderful time in my professional career and I still have the most incredible feeling about this amazing school.

I wish you all a most exciting and meaningful future."

Mr. Alun Cooper
Head of School 2003-08


UNIS Hanoi moves to current purpose-built campus in Ciputra Residential Compound, Tay Ho.


Swimming pools and Physical Education block were added.


New tennis courts added and Science and Technology Building expanded.

A historic visit in 2010

United Nations’ Secretary General Ban Ki-moon visits UNIS Hanoi.


The Sports Centre is added.


UNIS Hanoi celebrates 25 Years of Learning to Inspire with an all school photo taken on UN Day, October 2012.

To celebrate the 25th Birthday the school also launched its Scholarship Programme and The Birthday Gift Fund, both honouring the School's commitment to our host nation.


The Centre for the Arts is opened.


UNIS Hanoi launches its first Annual Community Fundraising Campaign in January 2015 to support the School Scholarship Programme and exceeded its first year goal of $75,000.


The opening of the new school playground and the ground breaking on the next phase in the Campus Master Plan which will create a new cafeteria, covered courts and artificial pitch.


Dr. Chip Barder was a longest serving Head of School.


School starts for this milestone anniversary with more than 1100 students and a campus in full construction and renovation.


Phase 3A campus development is completed with a new cafeteria and multi-use facilities, a new wing to the Elementary School, an extended and fully renovated covered court area and an artificial turf soccer pitch for all year use.

2018 - Now

18-19 Ms Jane McGee joins UNIS Hanoi as Head of School.

Our History - 35 years of Learning to Inspire

UNIS Hanoi first opened its doors in 1988. The School began with only 4 students in the borrowed classroom of a local high school with a teacher on secondment from UNIS New York. That teacher, Dr Alice Ann Winner, became the School’s first Head of School. Today, we welcome more than 1100 students from 70 nationalities and 40 mother tongue groups to our purpose built campus every day.

As a not-for-profit IB World School - the first established in Asia - our curriculum is international and challenging. At the same time, we place a high value on the quality of relationships within the school as we attempt to model behaviors that we hope to see in students. Students and faculty commit countless hours to our Service Learning programme because we want students to be a part of the solution, part of changing things for the better. In this way, we are more than just a school…we are a place where students emerge as responsible stewards of our global society and natural environment - our promise to our families through our Mission Statement.