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Why We Are


1 of 2 UN Schools

A 3 IB Programme school

23 acres in a prime location

35 years of Learning Excellence

60+ nationalities represented

rigorous recruitment process

not-for-profit school

making an impact


alumni that span the globe

lifelong learners

UNIS Hanoi is one of only two United Nations schools in the world.

UNIS Hanoi has a multifaceted identity and at its centre is its relationship with the United Nations. We are not an agency of the United Nations, but we are one of only two UN international schools in the world, educating agents for change. As a UN school, UNIS Hanoi has embedded the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the curriculum and has become a framework for our flagship Service Learning programme.

A pioneer of IB programmes in Asia.

In 1997, UNIS Hanoi became the very first school in Asia to become an IB World School and offer all three IB programmes. Students in grades Discovery to Grade 5 follow the Primary Years Programme (PYP), while students in Grades 6-10 follow the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and students in Grades 11 to 12 undertake the IB Diploma Programme.

A campus to inspire learning.

Located in the heart of Vietnam's capital city, the UNIS Hanoi campus is designed to complement the diverse, child-centred learning that happens. Facilities include state-of-the-art classrooms, maker spaces, canteen, gyms, playgrounds, swimming pools, music studios, performing arts spaces, courts and a sports centre.  

An academically rigorous school.

UNIS Hanoi students consistently rank at the top of every standardized test, including the International Schools' Assessment (ISA), the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), the American SAT and PSAT. At the start of 2020, a joint visiting Accreditation Team from the Council of International Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the International Baccalaureate Organisation concluded that UNIS Hanoi provides a robust academic programme connecting learning to authentic and meaningful real world experiences.  

The most diverse school in Vietnam.

With more than 60 nationalities represented at UNIS Hanoi and as many as 35 home languages spoken among the student body, UNIS Hanoi is the most diverse school in Vietnam. We bring the world together on one campus, guided by the Principles of the United Nations mentor peace makers and problem solvers.

A community of passionate educators.

UNIS Hanoi recruits faculty and staff with a reputation for excellence. Over half of the faculty hold a Masters or PhD and most have taught at international schools for more than 10 years. On average expatriate teachers stay at UNIS Hanoi for nearly 5 years. 

Continuously investing in quality education.

UNIS Hanoi is one of a few not-for-profit schools in Vietnam. With oversight provided by our Board of Directors, the school adopts a prudent financial management approach that ensures tuition fees are used in an efficient and effective manner to deliver a quality educational programme. 

Advancing UNIS Hanoi and Vietnam.

UNIS Hanoi was established 35 years to be of service to Vietnam. Service and giving is at the heart of who we are. The Advancement programme nurtures a culture of philanthropy aimed at advancing the school's mission, principles and values. 

Proudly connected across the globe.

The UNIS Hanoi's alumni community of 7000 span over 100 countries and contribute to the world in a variety of ways. Whether they are current UN employees, heads of missions, NGO workers, healthcare providers or entrepreneurs, they are living out their alma mater's mission of creating a better world for all. 

Lifelong learners striving for excellence.

UNIS Hanoi believes in lifelong learning - for our students, our parents, our employees and the wider community. Outside the academic programmes, UNIS Hanoi also offers comprehensive co-curricular and community programmes for the benefit of all. Additionally, the School hosts and participates in a number of Professional Development events in support of our faculty and staff as well as educators across Vietnam and the South East Asia region. 


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From Our


Haruko Dwyer

Elementary School Parent

We chose UNIS Hanoi for our children because we strongly believe in the International Baccalaureate philosophy of developing “Life-Long Learners.” 

UNIS Hanoi creates a warm environment where children learn how to learn and in which independent critical thinking skills are encouraged. In addition, the School has a truly diverse community, which exposes our children to limitless opportunities to learn about other cultures and places in a safe social environment.  


Matthew Moore

High School Parent

Classrooms and teachers were open and welcoming for conferences and one­-on-­one discussions. We felt very connected to this great community.

Whenever there had been a need to contact our children’s teachers, we were always welcomed to do so. At UNIS Hanoi, teachers are responsive and attentive to parents; we can’t say that about every school. The idea of education as a three-­way partnership between students, teachers, and parents is part of the mindset of UNIS Hanoi teachers and staff.

Esther van Tuijl

Elementary and Middle School Parent

This is a school that is helping children grow up to be responsible citizens of the world. 

I have never been to an international school where there was such a mix of people from all places in the world. It inspires me that we all adapt to living and working with different kinds of people - our school really reflects this principle of the United Nations. UN Day is my favourite event: all the colours, national dress, the flags, and the food!  

Laura Kantrud

Lower Elementary School Parent

I think what makes UNIS Hanoi really unique is that my kids have agency in their learning, that they are really taking ownership of what they do everyday, and they are prideful in that.

I know that my son is engaging with kids from all over the world, all different languages, but they are all here for a common purpose. That's to learn and grow better, not only the local community but the world at large.

Kelly Kim

Alumni Parent

I appreciate UNIS Hanoi a lot because my children internalised the philosophy of the IB into their own lives and have grown up to be authentic global citizens. And I grew alongside them as a UNIS Hanoi parent.

As a global wanderer who experienced many disconnections from the familiar, UNIS Hanoi was like a safe and reassuring harbor. I befriended other parents through SCO activities and we shared common concerns and challenges. Even though we have different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, we had something in common; we were parents raising children in foreign countries and we were individuals with identity challenges as accompanying spouses.

Jeff Leppard

Secondary School Principal

UNIS Hanoi is characterized by educators open to reflection and change. The same accolades cannot be said of all schools. 

Furthermore, UNIS Hanoi remains an attractive “destination school” because of its reputation as a leading school, because of the student body, and because of the reputation of the supportive parent community. In addition, our host country is such a pleasant place to live and work that we receive applications from around the world. 

Ha Nguyen

Class of 2020 UNIS Hanoi Scholar

I'm so thankful to UNIS Hanoi for giving me the skills and the opportunities to enable me to become a well-rounded person.

Before I joined UNIS Hanoi, I took my Vietnamese identity, culture and language for granted, mainly because I didn't know anything else existed. Then I found myself sat in class with students and adults who'd express their love of Vietnam and it made me so proud of who I am and my people. It took being in an international environment to really appreciate my country and culture. 



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Where Our

Alumni Go

We're proud of our global community of alumni. Here's a snapshot of who they are, where they go and what they want to do in life...

“Theatre is a fun way to express global issues”

“I want to contribute to the development of Viet Nam”

“I found my groove at UNIS Hanoi”


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