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Posted 09/06/2020 10:30AM
Due to the COVID-19 you do not have a chance to see it on stage but you can enjoy the musical production mash up online. Check it out!
Posted 09/06/2020 10:24AM
Phelix the Phoenix is the symbol of community spirit at UNIS Hanoi. You can see how he became the perfect crochet subject with our TA Binh Nguyen.
Posted 09/06/2020 10:14AM
Thank you UNISHanoi community! Even though the last few months were a struggle for many, you still found it in your hearts to give and to give generously to those less fortunate than us.
Posted 09/06/2020 09:54AM
Two Grade 5 students decided to do I-Act Project about bear farming. Let's read their story here.
Posted 01/06/2020 11:17AM
It's been a tumultuous final semester for our Class of 2020. Joint us to wish them best wishes for a bright and successful future.
Posted 27/05/2020 09:57AM
Every year, hundreds of UNISHanoi students actively participate in the School's co-curricular programme. Please join us as we celebrate the phenomenal talent in our Secondary School at our Virtual Co-Curricular Awards Ceremony.
Posted 27/05/2020 09:29AM
The students of Grade 3 had a fun time last week, presenting and exploring each other's space-related projects.
Posted 25/05/2020 11:03AM
This week the Elementary School will celebrating the Arts with a week of art and music challenges.
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UNIS Hanoi by Numbers
  • 98% Of students taking IBDP
  • 100% Of MAP results above world
  • 328 After-school activity sessions
  • 67 Student Nationalities
  • 36 Languages Spoken
  • 12 Worldwide alumni reunions
  • 68 Student-led service groups
  • 63% Of teachers have Master/PhD's Degrees
  • 24 International sports teams
UNIS Hanoi Voices More Voices
Student Voice

“One thing I value at UNIS Hanoi is the amount of effort teachers put into learning. They are constantly developing teaching styles and approaches, molding them to meet the needs of individual students. My teachers encourage me, they are always there for me. Teachers take responsibility for student progress by coming up with opportunities for students to develop as learners.

Multiculturalism at UNIS Hanoi gives you perspective and insight we wouldn’t otherwise have. For example, in English class debates, students refer to things they do and quotes from their own cultures - it’s nice to hear these different perspectives from around the world.

For new students coming to UNIS Hanoi, I would say that even though it’s big and diverse, it’s a strong community. We’re constantly presented with opportunities. Here you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about your experiences, they will be appreciated and will add to the shared knowledge of the whole community.”

Parent perspective

"As part of the UNIS Hanoi community, the mix of nationalities, the diversity, I love it! I have never been to an international school where there was such a mix of people from all places in the world. It inspires me that we all adapt to living and working with different kinds of people - our school really reflects this principle of the United Nations. UN Day is my favourite event: all the colours, national dress, the flags, and the food!  

The Early Childhood Centre teachers give our children the attention they need, they really get to know each child individually. Teachers communicate with parents through school media as well as on a personal level. I also appreciate that there are dedicated Counselling staff, including at Elementary School level, to help guide children emotionally.

UNIS Hanoi is one step ahead not only in using play-based learning approaches for early childhood education, but also in integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the curriculum. This is a school that is helping children grow up to be responsible citizens of the world. As a parent, I really appreciate how we value Responsibility in this way in our school community. Our children bring home what they learn at school and use it in their daily lives. Parents are encouraged take part in sustainability initiatives such as not using single-use plastic. One step at a time, we are all living more sustainably."

Faculty Voice

"At UNIS Hanoi we have people coming from many countries and backgrounds, but we are one learning community. Being part of the UNIS Hanoi community is very inspiring, there is a strong culture of service: we are always looking out for what we can do for others, we are constantly thinking about what can be improved, and what change we can make.

This is a place for personal and professional growth, not only as a teacher, but as a member of the global community. I thought highly of UNIS Hanoi before coming to work here because of the service learning programme. Since joining the UNIS Hanoi faculty, I've seen firsthand how the spirit of service is woven into everyday life, how the spirit of the United Nations is in the hearts and minds of our students. The UN is not just in the school name, we live the spirit of the UN and take action toward the Sustainable Development Goals." 

Parents Perspective

Kate: One thing that stands out about UNIS Hanoi is the excellence of the faculty. Every single teacher our children have had has been fantastic and supportive all the way through. Our kids themselves recognise this and tell us how much they like their teachers. That’s been a very positive thing.

Matt: Whenever we’ve needed to contact our children’s teachers, we’ve never been met with anything but welcome and responsiveness. At UNIS Hanoi, teachers are responsive and attentive to parents; we can’t say that about every school. The idea of education as a three­way partnership between students, teachers, and parents is part of the mindset of UNIS Hanoi teachers and staff.

Kate: What we appreciate about UNIS Hanoi is the sense of community that the school offers. Our family is part of the school community. To be that involved on campus as Middle and High school parents was really important to us and it has been a fantastic experience. We come to school for all the events and there are lots of opportunities to volunteer. Classrooms and teachers are open and welcoming for conferences and one­-on-­one discussion. We feel very connected to this great community. ”

Student Voice

"What I love about the whole UNIS Hanoi school community are the events we hold like school plays, Spring Fair, and even hosting community events on campus. There are so many opportunities to be part of sports and arts - there is a variety of activities for all types of students. It's very inclusive.

What makes UNIS Hanoi special is that we have so many connections around Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular, as well as across the Mekong region and Asia Pacific. We have the opportunity to travel for sports, arts, and leadership activities. UNIS Hanoi is very successful in creating a diverse community full of different cultures and these connections are vital for students to experience other cultures in order to gain deeper awareness; but by interacting with other students from other cultures through travelling as well, our learning becomes intercultural in a deeper way rather than just on the surface."

Faculty Voice

"UNIS Hanoi students are fantastic! They bring so much energy to the classroom and they are exciting to be around. I love to be in a classroom of UNIS Hanoi secondary students. They are insightful, excited about what is going on in their classes, and they demonstrate transdisciplinary thinking by bringing ideas across subjects. I'm impressed by our students' kindness to each other as well as the rigour they bring to the classroom."


Faculty Voice

"I believe the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme strikes a good mix between academic rigour and pursuit of individual student interests and passions, both at High School level and across all grades. The IB's inquiry-based model provides so many options. Secondary students can shape what their education looks like with UNIS Hanoi's extensive course offerings in each subject area. IB education is a great opportunity for students to chart their own course according to what interests them most.

As a teacher, what I love about UNIS Hanoi are all the opportunities for students: there is a wide variety of paths open to students to pursue their passions and interests. As an Arts teacher, my students have many choices: vocal and instrumental music, the whole realm of visual arts, drama, dance, film and media. These pathways exist in the IB framework and curriculum, but UNIS Hanoi also offers opportunities for even more in a co-curricular context across many subject areas. What stands out across all these opportunities -  for leadership, team building, outreach to the broader community through service, traveling to participate and compete in Model United Nations (MUN), Mekong River International Schools Associations (MRISA), and Asia Pacific Athletics Conference (APAC) - is the opportunity for our students to connect. We really value community and it shows through all these connections."

Faculty Voice

“I can’t imagine going a day without talking about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). That really makes UNIS Hanoi unique compared to other schools. Even if the SDGs are lofty goals, our students have a strong awareness and are able to put them in context. UNIS Hanoi’s integration of the SDGs into teaching and learning means our students are going to be changemakers.”

Alumni Student Voice

"Here at UNIS we have to have opinions, be creative, and think outside the box. Teachers expect you to do your homework, finish your assessments, and study, but they are really supportive. We come to school to learn and that's the most important thing. That's what the school focuses on but UNIS also focuses on making us have fun while we learn."

Parent Perspective

"Hanoi was the first overseas posting from my family. It was a very hard decision for me personally to leave my home and family in Sri Lanka and start our life in Hanoi. Settling into Hanoi life was a bit hard at first, but from the moment we entered the school for the orientation I felt so welcomed. There was always a smiling face around to help me navigate the school and answer any questions I had! My kids fell in love with the school, the teachers, and their friends and within a few weeks they already felt quite at home at UNIS.

 What I like most about UNIS is how they value parent partnership with the school, the fact that the school works in collaboration with the parents and listens to and values parent contribution. It's a novelty I haven't experienced in other schools.

It's been three years since I moved to Hanoi [from Sri Lanka] and I am glad to truly call Hanoi my second home now. This is largely due to the friendships I have built through the school and the experiences I have received. The diversity we find at UNIS helps the students and parents to learn to respect, appreciate and enjoy other cultures."

Faculty Voice

"I love letting children inquire and feel responsible for their own learning. When children are very young, they are ready to communicate at different times, and in many different ways. For example one of our students receiving English as an Additional Language support loved to draw. For him, it was a way to feel safe and secure and express his thoughts and feelings, it became a form of communication when his English language abilities were still developing.

Integrating the SDGs into our learning for small children is complex, we are challenged to find a way to explain them that helps even three and four-year olds begin to understand the concepts. In visual arts we've taken inspiration from artists like Andy Goldsworthy who creates art from natural materials but is very conscious that he makes no impact on the beautiful landscape around him. This helps us as artists to connect with SDG 15 where we think about "Life on Land" and how we can protect it.

UNIS is an open and friendly school, a very supportive community. It's nice to be working at an independent, non-profit school. We have time and energy to put into helping the community, impacting people in Vietnam through service learning."

Parent Voice

"UNIS provides a balanced education, children learn to be good people through many activities, not only academic work in the classroom. Even in the classroom, other aspects are integrated and monitored. Interpersonal skills play a vital role in today's employment market. UNIS students are confident and prepared for life. Parents don't worry about their future.

UNIS students have a vast life view and are confident. My son cares about others in everything he does. This comes from the integration of UN principles into education at UNIS. Students care about the earth and other species, not only themselves. It's very natural for UNIS students to be aware of their impact on the environment, it's vital for them.

It's so hard as a parent to help your children through transition in teenage years. The Middle and High School counsellors really helped us as parents to get through this transition. The school has an amazing system of dealing with students who are challenged with transition during teenage years. It's one of the most difficult times in anyone's life, there is so much change. At UNIS we are lucky to have adults who are understanding, patient and know how to guide students."

Alumni Student Voice

"It's such a welcoming community and no one is left out. Everyone has their spot, and everyone makes a difference."

Alumni Faculty Voice

"Something unique about UNIS is the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) throughout the curriculum which is intentionally planned and shared with students. As the school has evolved in using the SDGs, the students have really taken ownership of knowing which ones they are passionate about, which are connected to what they are learning, and in what ways they can take action. It will take all of us to achieve the SDGs, if we can begin by empowering our students, we will have leaders championing this work in the future.

One way you know learning has occurred is when you hear students sharing, using the language of the SDGs unprompted, with clear passion. I've overheard students saying that SDG 15 is their favourite because they want to save pangolins, which are an endangered animal in Vietnam. It demonstrates that they are internalising what they are learning and considering how they'll take action."

Alumni Parent Perspective

"We arrived in Hanoi with two children who didn't speak English and one who had a little. Now, you wouldn't know that they received English as an Additional Language (EAL) support! For every grade in Elementary School, there is an EAL specialist; it's very successful.

My daughter really connected to her group and the teachers. The EAL programme helped my children both socially and academically. UNIS EAL teachers in the Elementary School are exceptional. They have to interpret and feel what the children are trying to express. The EAL programme was more than language support, the teachers were very kind people who are truly calm, patient, and help kids overcome the stress of starting a new school where they don't speak the language."



Alumni Student Voice

"Teachers at UNIS are really flexible with their students because they have the understanding that not all students are able to comprehend information in the same way."

Parent Perspective

"I love the diversity of teachers at UNIS. World language teachers are native speakers and classroom teachers could be British, Australian, American - kids get different viewpoints based on their teachers' life experiences. Teachers also come from a wide range of backgrounds: they are different ages, single families, teaching couples - the diversity is very reflective of the student base and life.

We'd been in Hanoi already 18 months when we went on the new family bus tour, but we saw things we never knew about! I learned so much from other parents. I love that I can come to the campus everyday. You are encouraged to volunteer and included in what's happening at the school. I love that we're included and invited."  

Parent Perspective

"I can see that my child seems to have wider and very different perspectives studying at UNIS. I see the difference in her mindset and it keeps growing!"



Parent and Staff Perspective

"Travelling the world for the last 30 years, my family has experienced a wide and varied selection of educational institutions - some with warm communities but limited resources, some more challenged as political uncertainties impact enrolment. UNIS combines the best of high-quality education with outstanding facilities, and classrooms filled with eager, diverse students from all over the world. UNIS has a strong pedagogical approach mixed with professional development. I do not know of a more inspiring, rewarding and invigorating place to work and live."



Alumni Parent Perspective

"With our son Totti, the diversity at UNIS motivates him to learn. Getting to know different cultures and learning from them is a motivation. He's an international kid and at UNIS the other students have this international perspective and experience. As a family we enjoy talking about how different backgrounds influence how people from other cultures grow up.

The IB film programme at UNIS was a fantastic choice for our son Sabin [Class of 2017]. Film is something that not even bigger schools have in their IB programme; it's rare even at other schools in Asia. Sabin is now studying film in London and he's ahead in his classes after doing the film programme at UNIS."



Alumni Staff Voice

Being a part of UNIS Hanoi is an honor and a privilege. The team I work with feels like family, the work we do is focused on pushing the boundaries of innovation and learning, and the kids I work with are phenomenal.

Alumni Faculty Voice

From Admin, to staff, to teachers, to students, there is a lot of positive energy at UNIS.

Staff Voice

UNIS changes you. Everyday I work at UNIS Hanoi I am amazed by the diversity of the faculty and staff. It amazes me not only that we do come from so many varied countries and cultures, but the diversity of interests and backgrounds that are represented. In just this year I have learned more about traditional Vietnamese poetry and literature, photography, Swedish and Dutch holiday celebrations, Micro-finance loans, honey production and Korean games. This is truly a place of life-long learning both for the faculty and the students. It is impossible to not change and grow as a learner.

Staff Voice

“UNIS addresses the challenges of modern education in a globalised world without losing sight of the traditional importance of local communities and pushing yourself to be better than you were before.”

Alumni Faculty Voice

“A few of us were remarking this morning about how fortunate we are to work here. For me, one important piece is the intentionality, always making sure that what we do relates to our mission and our vision and our plan, and always keeping the best interests of the students as the highest priority. It's also so great to work with such an experienced, intelligent, hardworking, and interesting group of colleagues. We have the most stimulating conversations, about education and about the important issues of the wider world. I feel as though I am continually learning here, from my colleagues, from the students, and from the many professional development opportunities offered to us. I also appreciate the encouragement to feel some responsibility to share our good fortune with the wider world -- through service learning projects in Hanoi and elsewhere in Vietnam, through connections with other international as well as Vietnamese educators, through our focus on the goals and ideals of the United Nations. ”

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