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Welcome to our online centre for Professional Development opportunities. At UNIS Hanoi we believe that the best teachers are those who are passionate about learning, and who inspire others by their own commitment to personal and professional development. 

We expect the best for our students and nothing less of our teachers as we strive continually for excellence in our curriculum, programmes and results.

Upcoming Events


AUGUST 25-28, 2018

The mission of Cognitive Coaching is to produce self-directed persons with the cognitive capacity for excellence both independently and as members of a community. Research indicates that teaching is a complex intellectual activity and that teachers who think at higher levels produce students who are higher achieving, more cooperative, and better problem solvers. It is the invisible skills of teaching, the thinking processes that underlie instructional decisions, which produce superior instruction. Cognitive CoachingSM is a research-based model that capitalizes upon and enhances teachers’ cognitive processes.

NOVEMBER 2-4, 2018

This event will feature inspirational keynote speakers from education and social enterprise who will explore how young people can help create a more peaceful and sustainable future. It will also highlight how the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals can be used as a framework for service and action and encourage educators to consider how inquiry can lead to responsible action in their school contexts. 

JANUARY 5-8, 2019

This two-day Teacher Trainer course, certified by British Gymnastics, is ideal for qualified or qualifying PE teachers working in schools. The course has a max of 4 people per trampoline and a max of 12 people.

OCTOBER 20-21, 2018

This workshop intends to assist language teachers to gain deeper understanding of language proficiency development, to reflect current practice and to construct effective assessment tools. It will focus on how to develop learners’ oral proficiency while looking at the connection leading to developing proficiency in literacy – reading and writing.

NOVEMBER 19-20, 2018

This 2-day course is uniquely designed to present and facilitate administrative teams with the management methodology and fundamental practices of The Breakthrough Coach. With a focus on executive management, this course provides administrators with the structures, systems and procedures to effectively and successfully manage the workload in order to increase their instructional leadership time, to improve student achievement, to promote work-life balance and employee retention.




  • United Nations International School of Hanoi
  • G9 Ciputra
  • Tay Ho
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
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