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There were so many wonderful and engaging conversation at this month's Elementary School Coffee Morning as parents and counselors explored and asked themselves the question: What does resilience mean to you that we would like to share it with you. It is our hope that these tips will help you feel empowered to use with your family. You will also find current articles and related summer book recommendations.
Mark your calendar and make your plans for the evening of Saturday, May 27 6pm to 8pm! We will be in Gran-A in Grand Ambassador Seoul for yet another fun get-together! Join us! And tell your friends to join you. It's fun, it's networking, it's getting together with old friends and making new friends!
A donation that keeps on giving...donate your books to the SCO Used Book Sale and get the opportunity to purchase some great books in May while raising money for literacy initiatives in Vietnam!
How to spend the summer pursuing educational interests yet having fun at the same time? Check out the Summer Programme and get ready to book a place...
Over 50 alumni came together in Hanoi, Bangkok, Vancouver and Melbourne this past Alumni Reunion season for our yearly evenings of fun and joy and memories. "Awesome night in Melbourne, perfect venue, wonderful weather and amazing people", wrote Toni Eberle after the Alumni Reunion in Melbourne (Class of 2005).
Enjoy the next edition of Uniquely UNIS with a deep dive into data with its brand new partner publication, UNIS UNfolded...
Thanks to your generosity, we have funding for the last of our three new scholarship places. Now we look to the future. Find out how you can help!


Meanwhile at UNIS Hanoi

A new aquaponics garden is set up next to the Science department. Read more to know who is behind this new exciting project...
The School Community Organisation did it again and successfully organised a massive Spring Fair which involved pretty much the entire UNIS Hanoi Community!
Feminist Photography Foundation, our newly founded Service Learning Group has donated their fundraising efforts for a good cause. Find out who that organisation is and why...
UNIS Hanoi was proud to host 50 students from four different countries who are passionate and enthusiastic about Performing Arts...
The APAC Band Festival offered memorable and truly exceptional experience for our 12 student musicians...


Our Global Alumni Notes

Jessica (Jessy) Penrose (Class of 2007)

Jessica (Jessy) Penrose (Class of 2007) is finally able to get back to her favorite sports activity, "I've been in Zürich for over a year now and I have finally found and joined my first Ladies Football team in this city."

Souksakhone (Toni) Eberle, formerly Airlie (Class of 2005)

Souksakhone (Toni) Eberle, formerly Airlie (Class of 2005) attended the Alumni Reunion in Melbourne 2017 with family. She wrote in after the reunion, "Awesome night in Melbourne, perfect venue, wonderful weather and amazing people." Click here to see all the pictures and read about the Alumni Reunion in Melbourne 2017.

Melissa Griffin (Alumni Faculty/Staff)

Melissa Griffin (Alumni Faculty/Staff) volunteered to host the Alumni Reunion in Melbourne 2017. She said, "A great evening had by all. Everybody was so pleased they came. It was great to be able to attend, because it wasn't in the summer holidays. A lot of the past students had been in my classes and it was lovely to see them as adults making their way in the world. We even had a student reunited with his grade 3 teacher at UNIS." Click here to see all the pictures and read about the Alumni Reunion in Melbourne 2017.

Jian Hao Tan (Class of 2011)

Jian Hao Tan (Class of 2011) wrote in to share a video made to share about his return trip to Thuy An Village. Jian Hao used to be in the Thuy An Village Service Learning group when he was at UNIS. Check out Jian Hao's video story here.

Clint Hamada (Alumni Faculty/Staff)

Look who was back on campus! Clint Hamada (Alumni Faculty/Staff) was back in Hanoi to enjoy a bowl of phở for lunch and to join a conference for international schools' Technology Directors at UNIS Hanoi. Clint and his family are now in China.

Minso (Alex) Kim (Class of 2008)

Minso (Alex) Kim (Class of 2008) welcomed her baby girl on February 27, 2017. She wrote in to say, "I am very blessed to have such a wonderful family, a loving husband who stood by my side"

Ksenia Krasnobaeva (Class of 2013)

Ksenia Krasnobaeva (Class of 2013) came by to see the School with a friend. Ksenia is studying hospitality and will be interning in Hong Kong in the next few months.

Kate Maconachie (Alumni Faculty)

Kate Maconachie (Alumni Faculty) visited UNIS Hanoi as part of her Vietnam trip and was amazed by the changes. Kate worked as an art teacher at UNIS Hanoi from 2008 to 2010. She visited her old art classroom in Elementary School building. After the completion of the Centre for the Arts, the room is now a regular classroom. She also reconnected with friends from UNIS Hanoi, Bron agh Lucardie, Noi Nguyen, An Le (Current Staff) and many others while on campus.

Sandy Dodd (Alumni Faculty)

Sandy Dodd (Alumni Faculty) stopped by UNIS Hanoi while visiting from Australia. Sandy said, "It was so lovely to catch up with everyone at UNIS- same same but different!"

Xuan Ngo (Alumni Parent)

Xuan Ngo (Alumni Parent) had a coffee session with Dr Chip Barder (Head of School). Xuan Ngo's family was at UNIS Hanoi from 1999 to 2001 when Lan Ngo (Class of 2005) attended Grade 7 and 8. The family spoke fondly of the then Head of School Dr Frances J. Rhodes.

Kristel Valle and Nhi Nguyen (Class of 2015)

Nhi Nguyen (Class of 2015) visited UNIS Hanoi with Kristel Valle (Class of 2015). Nhi is visiting Hanoi during her summer holiday. Nhi is studying in Sydney, Austalia and Kristel is living in Phillipines.

Lan Ngo (Class of 2005)

Lan Ngo (Class of 2005) came back to UNIS Hanoi both to reminisce and for business reasons. Lan serves as the Director of Training at Vinschool Education System. She visited with members of Vinschool's administration. After the visit, Lan wrote in to say that, "Thank you very much for helping reconnect me with one of the best childhood experiences I’ve had." Lan and her husband also attended the UNIS Hanoi Alumni Reunion in Hanoi 2016.

Hema Chockalingham (Class of 1997)

Hema Chockalingham (Class of 1997) recently reconnected with UNIS Hanoi and shared pictures from the past in response to our call to contribute photograph for UNIS' 30th Birthday. Hema was at UNIS Hanoi from 1989 to 1992. Her brother Vinod Chockalingham (Class of 1993) also attended UNIS Hanoi. We were pleased to help Hema get in touch with Mr Graham Cherry (Alumni Head of School), who, according to Hema's words "has been a great influence in [Hema's] life." She shared, "Whatever I am today, it’s thanks to [Mr Graham Cherry]." Hema and Vinod's father worked for the Embassy of India in Vietnam. Hema and Vinod lives and works in India.


Class of 2011 Mini Reunion in Seoul

Paroot Mekkrajang (Class of 2011) was in Seoul for business reasons and met up with some Class of 2011 members which he hadn't seen in years. The Class of 2011 members in Seoul introduced Paroot to their home town and made sure he didn't miss out on some of Seoul's best delicacies.

Annie Gainsborough (Class of 2012)

Annie Gainsborough (Class of 2012) made UNIS Hanoi a stop on her Asia tour after meeting up with many of her friends from UNIS time all around Asia. She was delighted to meet many of her former teachers when she was at UNIS in Grade 6 in 2005-2006, Mr Campbell, Mr Cooper and Mr Phi. Annie said, "It was so incredible to be back! It is almost the same (except bigger trees now!) and a few new bits and bobs. And I could even recognise myself and my friends in the children." Inspired by her service activities with Blue Dragon children during her year at UNIS, Annie has been actively involved in community service ever since. Annie graduated University of Sheffield in 2015 and is living and working in the UK.

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BANGKOK - January 8, 2017
VANCOUVER - January 28, 2017
MELBOURNE - March 12, 2017
SEOUL - May 27, 2017
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