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Alex Pio (Class of 2004) participated in the team that became one of the winners of the World Bank Youth Innovation Fund Pitch Competition on December 1, 2017. Their project, Waste 2 Wealth, pilots new approaches to waste management and income generation in tourism zones of Sierra Leone. In winning this Competition the project will be funded around $30,000 to work with youth in communities around tourism sites to empower them into becoming micro-entrepreneurs. It will incubate the youth groups to set up revenue generating trash collection programs on pilot beaches as well as train groups to transform trash into locally designed crafts that can be sold to tourists. Successful approaches will be scaled up with support of the upcoming Sierra Leone Sustainable Tourism Project.

Thanks to more than 200 runners of all ages both here in Hanoi and across the globe 1,314 USD was for The Dr Charles Barder Scholarship Fund campaign!
It's Giving Tuesday! A global day of philanthropy when families and individuals across the world chose to show their solidarity for special causes. Also the official launch day of UNIS Hanoi's 2017-2018 fundraising campaign for the Dr Charles Barder Scholarship! And we hope that today is the day that you and all our alumni Make a Gift to our campaign.
In Fitzrovia we met, we dined, we talked, we laughed... Check out who attended the 2017 Alumni Reunion in London in pictures.
The new school year is now well underway at UNIS Hanoi with 1126 students representing 72 different nationalities and a record enrollment for the 5th consecutive year! But we are also committed to staying connected with our 6,709 worldwide alumni in 73 countries, and this is the annual letter to share with our alumni both news from UNIS Hanoi and also the plans that we have to celebrate our special 30th Birthday year.

Another great Alumni Reunion in Seoul!

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 for reaching a major milestone in your life! Check out the video here!


Meanwhile at UNIS Hanoi

Having qualified for the World Schools Debating Championships, two High School students wrote about their experiences. Learn about the Schools Debating Championship through the eyes of UNIS Hanoi's participants...
Meet the Model United Nations executive committee who are the driving force behind this passionate community of students...
Meet UNIS Hanoi's new Chef Adam and learn more about all the healthy changes in the Cafeteria...
The 10th Annual Peter Goverde Tennis Tournament marked the history with the highest number of players...
Our Junior Varsity Volleyball teams represented UNIS Hanoi proudly at the MRISA Volleyball Tournament in Laos...


Our Global Alumni Notes

Tran Thi Lien (Alumni Faculty/Staff)

We recently reconnected with Mrs Tran Thi Lien (Alumni Faculty/Staff), UNIS Hanoi's first ever staff, then Vietnamese teacher. Mrs Lien started working at UNIS from August 1988 and helped to open the door of Vietnam's first ever international school. Watch out for Mrs Lien's and other early UNIS Hanoi community members' stories in the next edition of UNiquely UNIS.

Katharina (Kathy) Gromotka (Class of 2009)

Katharina (Kathy) Gromotka (Class of 2009) received a scholarship from the Forte Foundation to study at Oxford University and recently graduated from the Business School with an MBA. Kathy attended the Alumni 30th Birthday Party in London together with over 25 other alumni students from all over UK.

Bryony Rickard (Class of 2015)

Bryony Rickard (Class of 2015) is at Mount Holyoke College in the USA for a year abroad programme in 2017-2018! Bryony will be attending Alumni 30th Birthday Party in Washington DC.

Ann-Sofie Joeker (Class of 2013)

Ann-Sofie Joeker (Class of 2013) is having a Year out in Malaysia and has decided to use this opportunity to visit Vietnam and UNIS Hanoi. Ann-Sofie's younger sister and brother, Karoline and Karl Emil (Class of 2015) are now in university in Denmark while their parents, Lars (Alumni Parent) and Anne-Dorthe Joeker (Alumni Parent/Faculty/Staff) are now in Myanmar.

Won Hee Jo (Class of 2011)

Won Hee Jo (Class of 2011) graduated from Seoul National University and has been commissioned as an officer for the Marine Corps in the Republic of Korea military. He is currently a 2nd Lieutenant in Communication/Signal and is being deployed to small island far west BaekRyeong Island.

Jessica (Jessy) Penrose (Class of 2007)

Jessica (Jessy) Penrose (Class of 2007) is finally able to get back to her favorite sports activity, "I've been in Zürich for over a year now and I have finally found and joined my first Ladies Football team in this city."

Souksakhone (Toni) Eberle, formerly Airlie (Class of 2005)

Souksakhone (Toni) Eberle, formerly Airlie (Class of 2005) attended the Alumni Reunion in Melbourne 2017 with family. She wrote in after the reunion, "Awesome night in Melbourne, perfect venue, wonderful weather and amazing people." Click here to see all the pictures and read about the Alumni Reunion in Melbourne 2017.

Melissa Griffin (Alumni Faculty/Staff)

Melissa Griffin (Alumni Faculty/Staff) volunteered to host the Alumni Reunion in Melbourne 2017. She said, "A great evening had by all. Everybody was so pleased they came. It was great to be able to attend, because it wasn't in the summer holidays. A lot of the past students had been in my classes and it was lovely to see them as adults making their way in the world. We even had a student reunited with his grade 3 teacher at UNIS." Click here to see all the pictures and read about the Alumni Reunion in Melbourne 2017.

Jian Hao Tan (Class of 2011)

Jian Hao Tan (Class of 2011) wrote in to share a video made to share about his return trip to Thuy An Village. Jian Hao used to be in the Thuy An Village Service Learning group when he was at UNIS. Check out Jian Hao's video story here.

Clint Hamada (Alumni Faculty/Staff)

Look who was back on campus! Clint Hamada (Alumni Faculty/Staff) was back in Hanoi to enjoy a bowl of phở for lunch and to join a conference for international schools' Technology Directors at UNIS Hanoi. Clint and his family are now in China.

Minso (Alex) Kim (Class of 2008)

Minso (Alex) Kim (Class of 2008) welcomed her baby girl on February 27, 2017. She wrote in to say, "I am very blessed to have such a wonderful family, a loving husband who stood by my side"

Ksenia Krasnobaeva (Class of 2013)

Ksenia Krasnobaeva (Class of 2013) came by to see the School with a friend. Ksenia is studying hospitality and will be interning in Hong Kong in the next few months.

Kate Maconachie (Alumni Faculty)

Kate Maconachie (Alumni Faculty) visited UNIS Hanoi as part of her Vietnam trip and was amazed by the changes. Kate worked as an art teacher at UNIS Hanoi from 2008 to 2010. She visited her old art classroom in Elementary School building. After the completion of the Centre for the Arts, the room is now a regular classroom. She also reconnected with friends from UNIS Hanoi, Bron agh Lucardie, Noi Nguyen, An Le (Current Staff) and many others while on campus.

Sandy Dodd (Alumni Faculty)

Sandy Dodd (Alumni Faculty) stopped by UNIS Hanoi while visiting from Australia. Sandy said, "It was so lovely to catch up with everyone at UNIS- same same but different!"

Xuan Ngo (Alumni Parent)

Xuan Ngo (Alumni Parent) had a coffee session with Dr Chip Barder (Head of School). Xuan Ngo's family was at UNIS Hanoi from 1999 to 2001 when Lan Ngo (Class of 2005) attended Grade 7 and 8. The family spoke fondly of the then Head of School Dr Frances J. Rhodes.

Alumni Dates 17-18

LONDON - November 11, 2017
HANOI - December 30, 2017
WASHINGTON DC - February 10, 2018
VANCOUVER - February 17, 2018
MELBOURNE - to be announced
UNIS HANOI 30th BIRTHDAY - May 5, 2018
SEOUL - May 19, 2018
TOKYO - May 20, 2018
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