Home Language Programme

UNIS Hanoi believes in the value and importance of students maintaining and developing their home language. Research suggests that a high level of proficiency in the home language may exert important influences on academic and intellectual development (Cummins, 2000).

UNIS Hanoi will make a concerted effort to support home language development of all languages, by providing coordination for Home Language (including the Self-Taught Languages in the Diploma programme). Home Language programmes are paid for in full by the community members participating in the programme. This is in addition to the payment of full tuition and fees of the regular UNIS Hanoi programme.

Home Language community groups are self-formed and take the responsibility for finding a home language teacher. Home language classes can be organised to meet during the school day at times that fit within the UNIS Hanoi schedule, or after school. The decision to participate in a Home Language class is up to the student and his/her family.

Home Language Groups at UNIS Hanoi

  • Chinese
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Swedish
  • Vietnamese

Current Home Language Classes at UNIS Hanoi

Home Language Classes in Elementary School

Chinese (During School Hour)
Teacher Contact: Aiqin Li  
                        Qiulin Tang   

Danish (During School Hour)
Community Contact: Hanne Teilmann Møller
Teacher Contact: Anne-Vibeke Nørrelund van Komen 

Dutch (After School Hour)
Teacher Contact: Francis Beeckmans  
                        Bart Maas  

French (During School Hour)
Teacher Contact: 
Claire Holbein 
                        Laurie Rombaut
                         Christophe Denizot

German (During School Hour)
Community Contact: Carmen Kuebler  
Teacher Contact: Thomas Kunze 

Korean (During School Hour)
Community Contact: Ms. Eun Hee Oh
Teacher Contact: Un Ju Song

Japanese (During School Hour)
Teacher Contact: Chieko Demura 

Swedish (During School Hour)
Community Contact:  Christina Bäck 
Teacher Contact: Asa Sarnus 

Vietnamese (During School Hour)
Teacher Contact
Huyen Nguyen   (Kindergarten 2 - Grade 5)
Dung Tran   (Discovery, Kindergarten 1, and Grades 1-5)
Xuan Tran   (Grades 3-5)

Home Language Classes in Middle/High School

Community Contact: Vivian Lee  (Language B)
Ivy Lu 

Community Contact: Hanne Teilmann Møller  
Teacher Contact: Anne-Vibeke Norrelund van Komen 

Dutch (After School Hour)
Teacher Contact:  Francis Beeckmans  
                          Bart Maas 

French (After School Hour)
Teacher Contact: Marie Champion 

German (After School Hour)
Community Contact: Petra Eichler  
Teacher Contact: Johannes Below  (Grades 6-7) 

Korean (Language A)
Teacher Contact: Sook Hee Jeong  (Middle School)
                         Seran Choi  (High School)

Spanish (Language B)
Teacher Contact: Alvaro Grana  
                         Jennifer Prescott 
                         Gergana Schneider 

Swedish (Language A)
Community Contact: Christina Bäck 
Teacher Contact: Asa Sarnus 

Vietnamese (Language A)
Teacher Contact:
Xuan Tran   (Grade 6-7)
Hoa Phan   (Grades 8-12)


For information on organising a new group or joining an already existing Home Language class at UNIS Hanoi, please contact:

  • Upper Elementary School Deputy Principal, Stephen Lush 
  • Middle/High School Deputy Principal, Glenda Baker 
  • United Nations International School of Hanoi
  • G9 Ciputra
  • Tay Ho
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
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