Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How can I contact the Admissions Office?

Please contact the admissions team either by telephone, email or visit us at the UNIS Hanoi campus by arranging an appointment in advance. The contact details of all team members can be found on the admissions homepage of the school website.

2. When should I apply?

You should contact the school well in advance of your anticipated starting dateApplications for our school are not available on the website and shall be released only for grades which are open to further applicants. Due to existing waiting lists across some grade levels, applications may not be available for particular age groups. The academic year at UNIS Hanoi starts in mid-August and finishes in mid-June. Vacancies shall be filled throughout the school year however, admissions open around January to February for the following school year starting in August.

3. How can I begin the application process?

The process of applying to UNIS Hanoi begins with submission of an admissions online enquiry form through the school website. Admissions enquiry forms help us gather contact information for your family and relevant school details of your child(ren). Admissions enquiry forms are not applications therefore, submitting one does not place your child on the waiting list.  Upon receipt of the enquiry form, the admissions team will inform your family if the application is currently available for your child(ren).

4. How will I know that my child is on the waiting list?

If a grade level is open, application information and instructions shall be distributed to your family. Only when the application is completed in full can it be placed on the relevant waiting list. Family details of children who are not eligible to apply will be stored in our school information system and the admissions team will contact parents directly when that particular grade level reopens for new applications. Completed applications shall be placed on the relevant grade level waiting list on a first-come first-served basis in line with UNIS Hanoi's admissions policies. For further details regarding UNIS Hanoi prioritisation policies, please visit this page of our school website.

5. How long does the admissions process take?

It is difficult to determine how long families may have to wait to apply but the admissions team will contact parents directly to confirm that applications are available. Some applicants may be able to apply directly for a current vacancy and the process of applying, acceptance and enrolment may take several weeks. If there is no vacancy, completed applications are placed on the waiting list until placements become available. Placements for semester one of a new school year are normally offered between April and June. Placements for the second semester are normally offered between November and January.

6. Is there an application deadline?

Students who are eligible to apply may do so throughout the current academic year. In some cases, application deadlines are set according to the number of people seeking placement in a particular grade level. The admissions team will communicate directly with families regarding the required items throughout the application process. If we do not receive any communication from your family over a period of time, your incomplete application shall be expired. If you wish to remain on our distribution list regarding applications for future placement, please let us know.

7. Is testing required as part of the admissions process?

It is normal practice to assess those students who are not native English speakers to determine if they would require support in English as an Additional Language (EAL) at our school. No other academic assessments are required for entrance by Elementary aged students. All Middle School and High School aged students will be required to undertake assessments in mathematics and English as part of the application process. Those MSHS students who choose to continue studying French, Mandarin or Spanish at our school are required to take placement tests to determine entry level. English language proficiency tests for MSHS students may take the form of an EAL assessment, a Skype interview, a MAC-II assessment or a meeting with relevant faculty members, or a combination of these, in order to best determine class placement for an incoming student.

8. How is grade placement determined and is there flexibility on the age cut off date?

An admissions panel will make recommendations regarding grade allocation upon review of a completed application package. It is normal practice to place students into their age appropriate grades at our school and this is particularly enforced for those children entering into the Early Childhood Centre and Elementary School. In the case of Middle and High School applicants who are academically strong and provide a recommendation from their current school, academic continuity may be applied in the case of a student seeking a grade level higher than their age range. In all cases, the final determination regarding grade allocation is made by the relevant School Principal. For reference to the UNIS Hanoi age range, please visit this page of our school website.

9. Is there an application fee?

The application fee of USD400 is non-refundable and non-transferable and applies for each child for whom you are making an application. Details of the application fee payment are provided in the checklist when the application package is distributed. Cash payments are not permitted at the school. Proof of payment of the application fee must be submitted as an application checklist item.  

10. Is English language support offered and is there a minimum level of English required?

There are a limited number of English as an Additional Language (EAL) placements at UNIS Hanoi for students entering into the ECC programmes through to grade 8. Students entering into the Middle School and High School in grade 6 and above must have a minimum level of English proficiency. Applicants to the High School programme must be proficient in English as there is no EAL support offered in grades 9 to 12. There are no additional fees for students enrolling into the EAL programme. For further details regarding English language learning at UNIS Hanoi, please visit this page of our school website.

11. Does your school accept students with special needs?

Current support services for students at UNIS Hanoi are inclusive of Counselling, Learning Support, Speech Therapy and the School Health Centre. Student applications are reviewed on an individual basis to determine learning needs. UNIS Hanoi accepts students who are able to succeed in the mainstream curriculum with appropriate support. The school may not accept students whose learning, emotional or behavioural needs cannot be met within our current programmes. For further details regarding Student Support Services at UNIS Hanoi, please visit this page of our school website.


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