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Posted 27/11/2015 04:43PM
Some of the finest moments in teaching young people happen when we as educators get to see a flame ignited. Small sparks of information are fanned by teachers to create in students a burning desire to know more, to do more, to learn more...
Posted 27/11/2015 04:35PM
The pedestrian and bicycle Gate 5 opens directly into the UNIS Hanoi campus and for school safety it is closed when school is in session...
Posted 27/11/2015 04:29PM
As you have already heard us say many times, communication between home and school is extremely important. Students achieve at a higher level when...
Posted 27/11/2015 04:24PM
HIWC are pleased to inform the UNIS Hanoi community about our free shuttle buses to the Bazaar.
Posted 10/11/2015 05:54PM
The newly ratified Sustainable Development Goals provide a structure around which action can be galvanized and already is at UNIS Hanoi...
Posted 03/11/2015 07:00PM
Hear the story of UNIS Hanoi's first scholar, in his own words...
Posted 02/11/2015 11:46AM
UNIS Hanoi proved once again that it was a United Nations school not only in name, but in practice too when two senior UN officials came to spend time with students recently...
Posted 28/10/2015 12:39PM
UNIS Hanoi students of all ages were given a unique chance to leave their mark on the world in more ways than one last week, when they were invited to write out their desires for the planet.
Posted 28/10/2015 09:18AM
With more than 16 thought-provoking activities specially designed to get students envisioning the world they want, UN Day 2015 proved to be the best yet!
Posted 06/10/2015 05:04PM
A passionate plea to world leaders to act immediately on climate change was made by Grade 5 students this week, after they took part in the Elementary School's very first Model United Nations Summit.
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  • 90% Of students taking IBDP
  • 100% Of MAP results above world
  • 385 After-school activity sessions
  • 66 Student Nationalities
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Alumni Voice

“Working at UNIS has been an outstanding experience. It has meant being a part of a collaborative, caring and truly international community. Our students at UNIS Hanoi are exceptional; they are hardworking young leaders who welcome new people into their community easily and openly. I have experienced a great amount of growth here, due largely to the outstanding caliber of teaching partners I have had; all of whom have taught me something new and opened my eyes to new ideas, viewpoints and understanding.”

Faculty Voice

“UNIS is a very unique School Community combining the UN Principles and themes with the IB curriculum. I feel privileged to work with such enthusiastic students, teachers and parents in our community. Many varied opportunities are available to UNIS teachers to align personal and professional goals from year to year. I am particularly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to travel to PYP Arts conferences as well as being supported by UNIS to give workshops at other Arts Festivals. I am thankful that UNIS encourages teachers to follow their passions and bring them into their classroom teaching and the wider community.”

Faculty Voice

“As a member of the UNIS community, I have been extremely overwhelmed by the level of professionalism at the school. It is clear that there is a lot of hard work and dedication put in by the teachers and the admin. The school also balances this with a community spirit which enables the educators here to get involved with much more than teaching. In my experience, UNIS is a great place to work and Hanoi a great city to live in.”

Staff Voice

“As a specialist subject coordinator and leading a large team, the school’s initiative to develop and advise ‘middle managers’ illustrates the school’s desire to enhance each level of management throughout. I’ve been able to seek advice from senior Administrators and discuss relevant topics with colleagues in similar positions to myself. Such conversations are inspiring and it’s been a privilege being part of this professional learning community.”

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